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Focused on maternal and infant family services

With conscience as a service,For the majority of users with high quality、The brand of service personnel,Strive to become professional maternal and child care company always trusted users

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The home of the dawn

Nursing is a turning point for women's health,Can say,As long as know grasp the nursing a great opportunity to change the constitution,Use the correct nursing methods,Will have a chance to make women more life more healthy,The more the more beautiful。

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Training school

Dawn home education technology co., LTD training school is the earliest in the domestic set up a set of China month sister-in-law、The nursery teacher、Milk、Senior nutritionists training base。Total area of the school1200Square meters,A professional nutritionist、Hot countries
Expert in cooking association,There are Hao Li of Beijing normal university professor,Also hired ErYanSuo experts、The appropriate season and total head nurse as long-term training lecturer,Formed a relatively complete training scientific research team,
Committed to build China's first brand of her training school。